Luggage Lock


The LuggageLock™ is a pull-tight seal designed to be user-friendly enough for travellers to use. It has various features that make the LuggageLock™ stand out from the competition. LuggageLock™ has successfully penetrated the travellers' accessories market and its versatility has allowed it to be spread to industrial-use applications - especially when the users applying the seals are likely to be laypersons when it comes to security seals.


  • Luggage
  • Excess baggage
  • Tote boxes


  • A tear-off tab acts as a serial number receipt to allow the user to keep the unique serial numbers for reference instead of recording it in a logbook
  • A side tear-off is incorporated to the seal's body to allow users to remove the seal by hand - no tools necessary, as cutting tools are usually prohibited on flights
  • A stopper is incorporated in the stem to prevent over-tightening of the seal, a common mistake of inexperienced users of seals which can result in increased stress on the zipper heads as well as unintended breaking of the seal


  • Standard retail packaging consists of 10 LuggageLock™ seals in a resealable pack with an insert liner containing usage instructions
  • Unpackaged LuggageLock™ come in a box of 1000 seals, for industrial or repackaging purposes
  • Also available is a specially designed wire-frame counter-top stand for point-of-sale use fits approx. 12 packs of LuggageLock™


LuggageLock™ is a tamper evident seal used for sealing luggage so that the user will be able to detect intrusion of their luggage easily and quickly.

The seal locks the zipper heads to prevent the bag from being opened. Much like cable-ties, once applied, the LuggageLock™ cannot be unlocked without breaking the seal.

However, cable-ties look identical and may be replaced with another to hide evidence of tampering. To combat this, LuggageLock™ are all serial numbered so that every seal is unique. A record of this number is kept by the user when the tear-off tab is snapped off. The numbers on the tear-off tab may be used to match those of the sealed LuggageLock™ to determine if the bag has been compromised.

If a bag is determined to be compromised, the user must inform the authorities immediately to get the bag checked out before heading through customs where the luggage would be deemed their responsibility.


A stopper is incorporated in every LuggageLock™ to prevent over-tightening when applying. This is useful for situations where the seals are issued to a customer who must apply the security seals themselves (eg. excess baggage or document storage tote boxes).

The tear-off tab allows the user to keep a log of the serial numbers themselves, leading to peace of mind knowing that their items are secure.


 product codeminimum locking dia.stem dia.stem lengthbreaking strengthtag dimensions
LuggageLock™LU153.0mm2.0mm150mm12kg50mm x 18mm