Security Labels

Security labels and tapes are specially designed adhesive stickers that provide evidence of unauthorised tampering.

They are available in many adhesive types, for different purposes, and some may be personalised with printing for extra security.

The two main styles of labels are:

  • Total-transfer - where an adhesive layer with a void messsage is left behind on the surface to show evidence of tampering. The adhesive layer may be cleaned off on some surfaces to allow reuse of the sealed object. The security label also exhibits the void message to prevent the reuse of the label. By leaving a void message on the surface, recipients will know that the object has been accessed and tampered with.
  • Non-transfer - where no void message or low traces of adhesive is left behind on the surface. Instead only the security label will exhibit the void message, preventing reuse of the label. With no void message left on the surface, the recipient must be aware there should be a security label, as a missing label or a different serial number is evidence of tampering.

As with most adhesives - not all surfaces are suitable for security labels. In most cases our general use adhesives will work, but when they don't, we try our best to work with our clients to find a formulation that will work on their sealing surfaces.