Firearms Clearing Holster



The Firearms Clearing Holster (FCH) is an Australian designed and manufactured ballistic weapon clearing holster which has been in use with Australian Law Enforcement Agencies for some 15 years.

The FCH was designed to facilitate the safe unloading of pistols in operational environments, and can accommodate popular semi auto pistols, all Glock models and S&W M&P models with light.

It is constructed from a bulletproof material and has been tested to NIJ standards 0108.01 Level 111-A (44 Magnum; Submachine gun 9mm).

The FCH has an outer cover of 1000 denier Cordura and a 420 denier Oxford inner with ballistic panel inserts that is formed around a molded holster. 

The molded holster is designed to fit specific handguns to ensure that the barrel is aligned so that an accidental discharge is aimed at the centre of the pad and precludes any chance of the projectile striking the seam junction.

There is a snubbing strap that is placed around the grip of the hand-gun that prevents the FCH from being fired off the pistol.

The FCH is vented to reduce likelihood of burns to the user from back-blast.

The FCH has a service life of 10 years.

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