ibrain Ear Hook Air Tube Radiation Free Headset With Mic FC18

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Are you worried or concerned about the radiation hazards when using smartphone headphones.

Then perhaps you need to look at the ibrain Anti-Radiation Headphones.

ibrain Ear Hook Air Tube Radiation Free Headset With Mic FC18

1. No magnetic field sound cavity

The permanent magnetic field and alternating magnetic field of 1000 Gauss of the speaker itself can damage the eardrum and the brain.

2. Air duct

The magnetic field of the speaker and the radiation source of the mobile phone are separated, which increases the distance between the human body and the mobile phone, and greatly reduces the radiation of the mobile phone.

3. Metal shielded isolation wire

The metal shielded isolation wire is used for shielding and grounding, which prevents the transmission of high-frequency electromagnetic waves of the mobile phone on the wire and achieves a good radiation protection effect. Due to the good shielding of the wire, it can prevent the interference of high and low-frequency electromagnetic waves and clutter on the wire. So that the earphone can output high-quality sound, and the tensile strength is increased, and the service life of the earphone is prolonged.

4. Environmentally friendly antenna technology: metal shielded isolation wires and insulated air ducts block the damage to the brain and eardrums caused by the FM/AM radio wave radiation generated when the headset is used as a radio antenna

FC18 double
Headphone type:
Air duct anti-radiation headset
Speaker specifications:
122±3dBSPL at 1KHZ
Speaker frequency range:
rated power:
Power Capacity: