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What is Juice Jacking

You’re traveling, and op’s your mobile, or the tablet or the laptop needs recharging.

What can you do?

Use a public USB charging outlet, say at the airport or the airline club departure lounge – just plug in and recharge.

Use someone’s laptop or computer to recharge.

Or I’ll just use the Hotel free USB ports.

Or better still I will use the USB ports at the venues I am attending or accept their kind invitation to use their business laptops or computers to recharge.

Wow-what can go wrong?


When you charge your phone through the USB port of your computer or laptop, this also opens up the option to move files back and forth between the two systems. That’s because a USB port is not simply a power socket. A regular USB connector has five pins, where only one is needed to charge the receiving end. Two of the others are used by default for data transfers.

That means, anytime you connect to a USB port for a charge, a pathway could be opening up to move data between devices, thus a capability to steal data or install malware.

Types of juice jacking

There are two ways juice jacking could work:

Data theft: During the charge, data is stolen from the connected device.

Malware installation: When the connection is established, malware is installed on the connected device. The malware remains until it is detected and removed

Using the Juice-Jack

Take the Juice-Jack Defender (JJD) and plug it into your computer. Then plug in any mobile device to the JJD. The computer will NOT ask if you want to sync because there is no data connection. The syncing applications will not see the mobile device without data. There is literally no way for data to transfer because there is no physical path. There are no chips or memory either. This is an electrical engineering solution, not an IT solution.

Also, one of the unexpected and positive consequences of this is that if your IT department blocks the USB ports for use, you can still use them for charging with the JJD because there is no way that your computer (or IT) will even know there is anything plugged in – and, of course, it is totally safe.



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