Rifkin Locking Briefcase Style Bag

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Now available the Medium (A4) Rifkin Locking Briefcase Style Bag

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  • Made from tough ArcoDuck™ II fabric
  • High security, tamper-resistant Arcolock 7® seven pin tumbler mechanism
  • Top and side zipper for easy access
  • Ideal for secure transport of documents
  • Suitable for applications that require “bag-in-a-bag” security


  • Fabric: ArcoDuck™ II fabric
  • Arcolock 7® with 7 pin tumbler mechanism
  • Tamper resistant, hard metal close tolerance zip
  • Carry Handle
  • Address window


  • Large: 51.0cm wide x 40.5cm high
  • Medium: 46.0cm wide x 35.5cm high

Please note

Each bag/satchel is supplied with 2 keys. Locked products will be supplied with a keyed different lock. If you wish to purchase keyed alike or master keyed bags, please specify this in your enquiry or order. Keyed alike or master keyed bags are custom made to order. Minimum order for master key or keyed alike locks is 10 units.


IF KEYED ALIKE OR MASTER KEYED: Please contact PSM for timings and costings.

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Medium (A4), Large (A3)