Paraben Stronghold Faraday Bags

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Patented Faraday Protection

What is Faraday Protection?
Faraday technology is any technology designed to block wireless signals from an item. They are also used in digital forensics to be able to protect wireless devices that are considered to be evidence from receiving signals that might change the data on the device or even destroy all the data.

Removing the battery from the mobile phone can prevent tracing the mobile phone, but you may not be able to do this with new mobiles. Just because it is turned off does not mean that the mobile phone is transmitting while the mobile phone is shielded. Always best to turn off the mobile phone before putting it in a Faraday Bag to prevent lowering the battery.

What makes StrongHold Different?

The Trademark StrongHold® is a registered trademark of Paraben Corporation.

Paraben’s StrongHold Bags are the only patented Faraday Bags (U.S. Patent No. 7,601,921)

What makes Paraben’s StrongHold Bags work?

Paraben’s StrongHold Bags are made with a double layer design in the material. The first layers are a two-layer metal interwoven to create your first level of protection. The second is the design to block out wireless signals from cell towers, wireless networks, and other signal sources that threaten your digital evidence.

Patented double-fold seal protects device signals from escaping.


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