Security Case Repair

$195.00 + GST

SCEC Rated Samsonite Cases Case Repairs.

Please call PSM for all inquiries re repairs to SCEC Rated Security Cases, including replacement of SCEC BiLocks as per SEG #33.

PSM also offer Lost Key Services to open lost combination locks on the SCEC Rated Samsonite Cases.

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Replace the SCEC BiLock (as per SEG #33) on Security Briefcases if it is damaged, or the SCEC BiLock keys have been “misplaced” or damaged.

The price includes pickup, opening the Briefcase if is locked, fitting the new SCEC BiLock, and return delivery within the ACT.

For other locations within Australia please call or email for information of repairers in that location.

PSM can also carry out Security Briefcase repairs and can open Security Briefcases if the combination lock number is not available.

Please call or email for information.