Weapon Aircraft Transport System

PROTECTIVE SECURITY MANAGEMENT (PSM) has developed a Weapon Aircraft Transport System (WATS) for the secure transport and carriage of Weapons and Ammunition on Australian aircraft

The WATS is currently in service within the Australian Government. 

The WATS consists of a either a Pelican 1510 wheeled case or Peli Storm iM2500 wheeled case secured by:

  1. A pair of High Security BiLock Padlocks ​   ​or 
  2. A fitted SCEC Approved BiLock Camlock​ with 2 keys

Please Note: When fitted with the SCEC Approved BiLock Camlock the case is no longer waterproof etc.

Included in WATS is a  Pelican 1120 Case and a pair of TSA Combination Padlocks, and this case can be used for the carriage of ammunition.


  1. A Lid Organiser
  2. Pick and Pluck Foam
  3. High Density Foam

If required PSM can also supply as part of the WATS:

  1. Firearm Clearing Holster
  2. Op Tac Bag
  3. Pelican Tactical Torch and Holster
  4. Flex Cuffs
  5. Flex Cuff Cutter
  6. Flex Cuff Pouch
  7. ASP Baton Search Mirror and Pouch

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